Do Something that Scares You!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I am not much on adventures (daring ones), so when I say something like "do something that scares you, I don't mean that kind of scare (perhaps you might like that).  I mean "step out of your comfort zone"!  The only way we grow as moms and as women is to stretch ourselves, and to take a risk!  Recently I did this by sending out a video of me auditioning for Oprah (check it out)!  Filming it was not outside of my comfort zone, that was easy for me, speaking to large groups energizes me!  What was tough for me was sending it out to others, saying I am going for this goal (which I know the chances are slim), that was hard, but oh so necessary and oh so what I am all about!!!!  I also believe in having a chance.  I believe in dreams coming true.  I believe in miracles, I believe in God's power, I believe in trying, I believe in myself!   One thing I really want to do is spread this joy to others (I am not always a joyful person so understand the humor here too--you can ask my husband and kids--lol)!!!!  What I do believe I am good at is getting others to see the possibility in themselves and in this world.  I can't wait to make a huge change in this world, one person at a time!
Have a HIPP Day and go on now, step out in faith!


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