Back to School!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

It is that time of year for us HIPP Moms that have school aged children--time to go back to school!  Ready, OH YEAH, says this HIPP Mom!  I love my kids and I create a lot of my world around them, but, I am a HIPP Mom--I need my space, I need my time and the summer fun was great but it is time for a new season!  
I will admit I had a few tears this year as my daughter Kaili (my oldest) walked across the street to middle school!   It was only 6 years ago I had tears in my eyes when she went off on the school bus, out of my life and onto a new chapter.  Once again, she is on to a new chapter.  I watched her walk across the street and the sentimental deep hearted girl that I truly am, could not help but think she is walking into another chapter and another road to travel in her life!  She is ready, she will thrive--it is me that has a hard time letting go of my "little girl"!   My boys got on the bus shortly after, and my son Cameron had his "last first day of school at the bus stop" as he will join big sis next year.  They are growing and growing up so fast!  

What do I know?
-Life goes by way to fast, we need to really slow down and be grateful for what we have!
-They really do grow so fast, be with them as much as you can, and be present when you are there (a lesson I am always reminding myself of)!
-Create a work situation or hobby that you are able to do around your family life!
-September is crazy, do more this month to feed your soul and breathe between the hectic pace and busy schedule!

Have a HIPP back to school week and no matter the age of your child, they are always walking towards a new road to travel.

Have a HIPP day as we embark on a new season!

Endorse those you love!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Has anyone touched your life in an extraordinary way?  Has anyone inspired you beyond words?  Have you seen someone on stage or in life that you look at and say "I want to be like her"?  
I hope you have because there is no better feeling than seeing someone and being so positively influenced by their example!  

My mentor Rita Davenport has done that for me!  She is someone the world needs to see!  She is a sought after speaker and written several books and this little blonde dynamo gets into the heart & soul of others like no one I know!  I have had the incredible honor to work with Rita for almost 10 years, and in the past 5 years, she has become a friend and mentor.   She truly is in my opinion the best speaker in the world, there are so many good ones, but I have to say, after seeing many incredible speakers, she is the best I have seen!  She has inspired me so much that I want to make people feel the way she makes me feel!  I actually do like to speak to crowds (I know most people don't like to do that), I feel at home on stage and I also love to make people feel the way she makes me filled, motivated, inspired, loved and special!!!!!

So, if you do not know this wonderful person, get to know her at  Her cd's will make you pee your pants laughing and any long drive will be short because you will laugh the whole way there!  

Rita Davenport is one HIPP MOMMA and she lives a life and teaches others to live a life that is happy, inspired, passionate and productive!


Visualize Your Home!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Do you have a vision for what your home will look like?

As you can see by the picture to the left, I was looking to create a shingle style home and even had the one above on my dream board.  The larger picture to the right is actually my home!  As a person who is passionate about family & home, I have always had a vision of the type of home we would live in.  As I worked towards that vision, I can say that we are living in the home I have visualized...    Even thou we have a lot of work to do to make it the way we want, it is an incredible feeling living the type of community you choose to live in and also, to enjoy being in your home!   It is important to remember, a house does not need to be a castle, it can be very modest.  What makes a house a home is creating spaces that bring you comfort, and knowing that anything you want is not impossible, and that it is very possible if you work hard and believe in yourself and your dreams!  

How did I do that?  Well, I am not done, I am doing that!  I have a successful home based business and the best thing that I did was work consistently and also with purpose and also balanced that with raising my family.  I heard a quote today on a conference call "Dreaming is good but Doing is better"!  That spoke to my heart because, my success comes from my doing, not from my dreaming!  The dream has to be there but the "doing" is the only way it will happen!  

So HIPP Moms, dream about the home you would like to create, cut pictures and believe that you can create it!  Once you dream and create the vision, pay more attention to the "DOING"!  What can you do today to move closer to your dream?  

Get you HIPP Home in your mind and heart and before you know it, it will be in your life!

HIPP moms have HIPP homes!

Get the Funk Out!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Ever get into a FUNK?   Of course you have, anyone that balances work, family, and daily life challenges takes them on with abandon but also gets into a funk!

The past few days I have been in a funk!  The work I wanted to get done for my business did not get done (and this is work I have said I would get done 2 weeks ago).  I have not been able to get back to my really good eating kick, the blueberry muffins at this awesome cafe in town keeps me coming back for more and the worst part of it all (and perhaps the culprit), is that I have not been working out, doing yoga and have been in a funk with that for almost a week now!  

You know it is bad when your husband looks at the yoga schedule posted on the bulletin board, and says "Tricia is teaching the 9:30 class today, you love Tricia!   At that point, I made a firm decision that I was going to yoga NO MATTER WHAT!!!!

So, on the mat I thought I would be in tough shape since I have not worked out in a week or so.  Just the opposite, I felt more energy as I did my practice, I left there on purpose to do the things that I really want to do!   I sweat the funk out!

So, if you find yourself in a funk, the first step is to identify it!   Next, do something physical to move your energy (if you work out, hit the gym or studio or outdoors), if you don't work out, go for a brisk walk.  If you don't do yoga, do yoga (it is an amazing practice that I think everyone should do)!   Now, come up with a game plan!  What have you been putting off?  What would you like to do?  What is the thing you don't want to do (but it is important to d0)--do that first, then decide how you will spend your day and reward yourself for getting back on track (the reward should be something that feeds your soul)!

HIPP moms need to get the funk out and get the groove back in!

Have a HIPP day!

Health & Vitality!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

HIPP moms are strong, healthy and take good care of themselves!

Recently I had a small health scare which turned out thankfully to be nothing.  That one event, gave me time to think about how precious life is and also how important good health is!  Sometimes I take my health for granted, do you do the same thing too?   I feel strong, I feel young, I feel overall that I take pretty good care of myself (although that can always improve), having had a recent scare, it was an opportunity to be reminded about how blessed I am with a healthy body.  As moms, we often are taking care of everything, everyone, and we sometimes lose sight of the importance of taking care of ourselves.  If I could do the last decade over as a mom, I would have exercised even more, eaten better and made this more of a priority in my life (it has always been important to me, but I would find myself in funks of not working out or in bad eating binges, which can make you feel off).   So, I want to urge all of you HIPP moms to not only value your good health, but identify areas you can improve in (which we all have those) and make some considerations, changes and action to move yourself into even better health and vitality!!!

Here are a few tips for Healthy HIPP Moms:
-exercise at least 5 days a week
-eat well balanced meals (save the treats like pizza & ice cream for the weekend)
-drink lots of water, go for at least 68 ounces a day
-drink tea
-get plenty of sleep (you might be saying, yeah right), get in bed earlier than usual
-eat and drink in moderation (save the mommy juice for weekend's only)
-take vitamins (this is wellness, be sure to ensure that you have all the nutrition you need)
-read positive books, nurture your soul with either scripture, poetry or devotionals
-do yoga (it does the body, mind and spirit good)!

HIPP Moms are healthy moms, we not only take care of our family but more importantly, we take care of ourselves so that we can be there for our families!

Have a HIPP, healthy and rocking day!  

Spark and Hustle Baby!!!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I love the concept Spark & Hustle!!!   Spark & Hustle is a conference hosted by women for hire and workplace guru, Tory Johnson who is a correspondent for ABC among other platforms.  Her conference is all about empowering women to take control of their future, to create the situation that they desire in their life and turn dreams and desires into decisions and plans.  I have built a successful home based business and it is all of these success principles which truly separate those that succeed from those who don't!   The spark is the idea, the vision, the dream the "what if" or "I wish"!  That is in your heart for a reason and quite simply it could be your destiny tugging at you.  The "Hustle" part of it is the plan, the action the commitment and after consistent effort the results!  

HIPP moms are all capable of Spark and Hustle!  You can have anything in your life that you want, if you only Dream, Decide, Create, Commit and you will achieve!  The missing part that stops most people is the BELIEF in themselves and belief it could happen.  It WILL happen!

So HIPP MOMS, spark & hustle and make today matter!  
Check out my recent video where I am going after an opportunity to do what I love to do, inspire others, at the Spark & Hustle event.  If you like it, please comment!

Have a HIPP Day and put some hustle into your SPARK!

The Battlefield Take Courage

Monday, May 16, 2011

There are some days my posts are light hearted and I am just having fun, and making fun of my suburban mom life!  AND, there are days when I am touched by something that I feel I need to share.   Without being specific, I had a conversation today with one of my best friends, and through that discussion, I realized we all have our battlefield, well, you might ask, what is our battlefield?

Our battlefield is this!  It is the one thing or the 2 or 3, that we are constantly challenged with (outside of people, that can be a post for another day).  It is the battlefield, you know, the one you fight every day to live your life on purpose, to stay true to your truest potential and to remove the thing(s) in your life that are not serving you.  Most of you have figured this one out, but you slow learners, perhaps you are challenged by one of the following:
-insecurity/which usually means jealousy or the mean gene

You know your own battlefield, perhaps it is a few items from this list, perhaps I did not mention yours, but you know it is there.  Acknowledgement is the first step, and addressing it is the second step.  My friend shared with me her battlefield, which I understood and could relate to!  I was so proud of her courage, for her acceptance and so grateful for her faith.  

HIPP Moms have their battelfields, be it one or a few from the list.  If we say we don't, then our battlefield more than likely is denial and not taking responsibility for ourselves!!!!  I think it is so smart for all of us to do a personal inventory and see the areas we need to grow in and address.  I am so blessed to have this HIPP friend in my life because there is nothing more meaningful than seeing someone with courage and being inspired by that.   

So, as a HIPP Mom, if you have your own battlefield (which I am guessing you do), acknowledge it, accept it and most importantly resolve it!   Resolve can be an ongoing journey and one with which you can endure and truly live your HIPP life!

You are ready for combat!  Ready, aim, fire!