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Monday, February 22, 2010

Okay, Monday is here it I'll have the usual!  The usual is starting my "diet" or eating better as many of us claim to say.  The truth is that since I became a mom, I have not been able to reach my goal weight.  I have lost weight over the past few years and I yo yo back and forth but I have yet to reach my break through weight which will bring me under 110 pounds (I am petite in size so that weight works for my body)!  I am determined to do it.  Really......  One thing I do know is that working out for me is so important, more important than the physical benefits, it is mental for me.  I feel better about myself, I feel better all day when I start my day with a workout.  Did not make it to the gym early this morning (typically the time I like to workout).   I think I am going to catch yoga this a.m.  I LOVE hot yoga (or power yoga).  I don't quite get it all yet but feel that I get a good work out in.  Once you get past some of the strange yogi's moaning (what is that all about) and the weirdness of it (seems so self centered), it is amazing!  Okay, it is Monday, it is a new week and I am really going for it!  The best thing I can do for myself as a mom and wife (and for me) is to work out every day (even if it is a power walk in the fresh air).  Here we go world, is anyone with me?  Namaste and have a HIPP day!!!


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