Vision: Keeping the end in mind!

Friday, February 19, 2010

HIPP Moms is a place for moms and other hipp people to visit, feel inspired, laugh, relate, learn and most importantly be inspired to do more, be more and have more in their lives. It is helping moms accept the challenges of motherhood and home with grace, humor and intention to create a hipp life. The vision for HIPP Moms is to be one of the top Mom/Home/family blogs that will feature videos & content which inspires us, makes us laugh and get us to make small changes in our daily life. This revolution touches upon the essence of modern moms: balancing all the demands of family, work (SAHM is work), home, balance, planning, and living your best life Mom! HIPP moms will be featured on Good Morning America, the Today Show, Martha Stewart Living, Larry King Live and Oprah (which Oprah has been my goal for 8 years)! Hipp Moms will be more than a blog, it will be a movement among moms & people across the world to recognize and inspire each other to be HIPP! HIPP's mom success will benefit the foundation for HIPP Moms, helping women and children create HIPP homes (financially and emotionally)! HIPP moms will be one of the sought after speakers on working from home and balancing work and family. HIPP Moms will change the way we work and play from home! HIPP Moms will cast a weekly show which features real moms, real lives and real homes!
Ahhh! The vision is casted now let the games begin!!!!! Feeling scared, thinking what am I doing and getting over that and saying, why not! Have a HIPP day!


Tara said...

Awesome! Welcome to blog land. I just have one request, remember when you get to Oprah who your blog designer is. lol I am so proud to be apart of this and thankful you chose to me to bring your vision to blog land beautifully.

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