Working From Home is my passion!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

I started a home based business in direct sales/Network Marketing 8 years ago.  I was pregnant with our 3rd child and my oldest was not quite 3.   I was looking for a way I could make an income from my home.  I was blessed to join a great company and successfully built a multi-million dollar business from the comfort of my home.  Throughout the blog, I will talk about success tips and how to work from home because I have been able to learn ways to balance both family time, work time and managing a home based office on a flexible schedule.  I am passionate about having flexibility while raising a family.  To me, my priority is and will always be my children and our family.   With such young children at home it was hard to even think about doing anything else, I just did not have the extra time.  Once I stopped evaluating my circumstances and began looking at my desire (which was to make $50K a year part time from home), I was able to get clear on how to do it and how to dedicate the time to be successful.  Why did I want to work, I was busy enough at home with kids?   The answer is simple, we needed the extra money (I hate going to Target and not being able to buy what I want) and also, I needed something to do.  I have so much energy, passion, creativity, business savvy and vision, I would benefit from putting these skills into something that would benefit my families future.   I felt so passionate about this and that passion was enough to get me started and to keep me going.  I wanted to work from home and the easiest way for me to do it was direct sales (because I did not have the money or time to develop a business plan).     I launched my business, delivered baby #3 and have not looked back.  I work out of my home, have tremendous balance in my life and work my schedule AROUND my families schedule.  I have a lot of passion around moms working from home because it allows you to build a second income stream, have something to build and get excited about outside of your children and do so on your own terms.   To this day, I get my kids off the bus every day, have time with them after school or volunteer at the school, and attend to most of their activities/sports.  I am so grateful to have a home based business and see it as a way to do even more for my family.  If you are a mom that is working from home, stay connected to this blog as I will share how to balance work and family.  If you are a SAHM and have been thinking about doing something, I encourage you to go for it or at least be open to it.  There are so many different things you can do and be paid to do it.  My kids get a mom that is mostly home and present for them, and when I need a break from them (and that is the case for sure) I get to go into my office and "work"--and I have so many friends in my business, I love the people I am surrounded by!   
 I LOVE LOVE LOVE working from home!  Reporting live from the corner office in her fuzzy slippers, this is Pam signing off!  Have a HIPP day working and playing from home!  


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