Ain't Nothing a Pedi and Mani Can't Cure!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Yesterday we had one of those mornings.    My son was "a challenge" for us before school and there was way too much yelling from both him and his parents, one of those mornings that absolutely kills your spirit and leaves you feeling empty for the day.  I don't want to spend too much time talking about the challenges we all face as parents, because, we know we face them and the key is not to dwell on them but to learn from them.  HIPP moms are real, we get frustrated, we have moments where we just want to yell "calgon take me away", better yet, we want to or we do yell some other things that do not sound as nice.  HIPP Moms are not Polly Anna, we are mini Oprah's going through life with intention, transparency and also a commitment to live our best lives.  Part of that journey is having bad days and bad moments, the key is learning from them, moving ahead and getting back into a positive state of mind.  After having such a stressful morning with the kids (and one in particular), Charlie and I talked it through and decided to have a nice family night together with kids friendly food, a fire and our new favorite thing at night, American Idol both the Wii game and the real show.  ( I have been so busy balancing home and my business that I did not get into American Idol, where have I been the past 9 years--we love it)!!!!!  
After coming up with a plan (which relieved the angst I was feeling), I decided to relax and get myself a pedicure and manicure.  Just this simple act that I am not always willing to give myself helped me to feel so much better.  I sat and relaxed and read People magazine, it was just what I needed after a stressful morning and busy week.  So, if you have had one of those mornings or one of those days (which I know you have had, we all have them), do something for yourself to re-energize, re-lax, re-think, re-build, re-juvinate your mind, body and soul!  HIPP moms take time, we are so busy but we take time to take care for ourselves, even if it is a mani/pedi and to be pampered by someone else or at the very least a warm bath! 
 Have a HIPP day mom and be sure to pamper yourself in some way!


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