Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I attended a training last night which was so inspiring, being surrounded by positive people and also listening to the speakers talk about empowerment was not only inspiring but really proves to me once again is that what separates those that are successful to those that are not, is belief, a positive attitude, commitment and empowerment (really believing in yourself AND those around you).  Allow me to clarify..... success is not a money thing, success is living life the way you choose to live it (thank you to my friend Rita Davenport for that and many other lessons she has taught me).   The speakers last night happen to be married and they run a successful business.  As I observed them, I could see their real passion, their real belief and their desire to share it with others.  Lets face it.  We can get caught up in the day to day life, I see it happen all around me.  In order to live the life we want and to be the HIPP mom we want to be, we must live on purpose, with passion and shift our thoughts in a positive direction!  Now, I know it is not always easy, as I typically am positive but I get frustrated and discouraged just like many others.  I guess the thing that changes the outcome is the response or behavior from those feelings.  This couple was so genuine in their words, their kind hearts came through and I must say that the female speaker is one HIPP mom!  She made a crucial decision when her 13 year old was born to listen to positive self talk cd's and to read positive and inspirational things to keep her mind and her behaviors in the right place.  Not only was it a HIPP presentation but it was also a HIPP couple!    Be empowered, don't just get through the day, get through it with intention, purpose, empowerment and yours will be a positive day.  HIPP is in!


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