Mothers Intuition!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Moms, you've got to trust your gut and trust yourself.  There truly is something to be said about mothers intuition.  No one on this earth knows your baby (child) better than you do.  While we don't have all the answers (because we are not doctors or experts in areas that effect our children), we know our babies better than anyone else.  I first experienced this in a big way when my son Cameron was almost 1 year old.  He woke up from a nap crying and so uncomfortable, I had a call placed w/the pediatricians office.  After not hearing back for 20 minutes, I called back and said I didn't even want to speak with the nurse, I wanted him looked at.  I brought him in and we waited close to an hour.  They apologized because they were extremely busy and had other cases more serious than my son.  Cam was finally seen by the doctor and she said he just had the virus that was going around and other kids had the same symptoms.  I kept in insisting was she sure, and it didn't seem like just a virus to me (but I had no idea what it was).  I knew my son and I knew something was wrong w/him beyond a bad virus.  As I was walking out of the exam room, I said to the doctor once again, "are you sure, he seems to be in too much pain".  She asked, did he lift his legs, I said, I think so.  She immediately laid him down, opened his diaper and said, he is seriously sick, he has a hernia and we need to get him to childrens hospital in Boston for emergency surgery.  It was one of those experiences I would not want to go through again, he was fine, he was operated on at 1:00am ish, and did great through the surgery and would completely heal after that.  My confidence as a mom grew and I learned to trust my gut even more.  I was reminded by that this week when I finally got a diagnosis on one of my children (which I won't go into detail about) that answers what I have been saying for 5 years now).  It is not bad, it is just something we need to modify, support and adjust to.  I knew in my gut there was more to it, and it took all these years to finally validate what I have been feeling for over 5 years.  So moms, trust your gut, even if you are wrong, it is so worth pursuing.  No one knows your child like you do, they don't spend the time with them like you do, they don't know their behaviors, likes, dislikes, energy level, mood, feelings, and temperature like you do.  HIPP mom's are confident, even thou they feel scared inside!  Have a HIPP day and feel so proud that no one on this earth knows your babies better than you!  What a blessing!


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