Family Fun in NYC

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Who knew that NYC could be so much fun for families!   We just took our kids there during April vacation and had the best time as a family!  First stop was "cousin Emily's" home in NJ--she is my husband's cousin, and my kids LOVE her (and Brett)!  The cool part is that I absolutely adore her too, even if we were not family, we would so be friends.   Cousin Emily started our tour with a "REAL" NY bagel, YUMMY!!!!!  We then went to Carlos Bakery to see Buddy (Cake Boss) but everyone else had the same great idea, the line to get in was just too long.  American girl with my daughter was a treat and then shopping in NYC with Emily (a very HIPP cool chic) and having some serious girl time in the city.  While we were having fun looking for shoes and dresses, my husband and the boys went to Intrepid and had a great "guy" day.   We met in Soho and had a nice dinner (not cheap) and had a great first day in the city.  Day two was just as fun with a tour of the empire state building, Toys R Us ferris wheel, M&M store and Hersey store and time square people watching, my kids decided they (I) LNY!   The afternoon was filled with the central park zoo and then a trip to the Natural Museum, so fun to see all these sites!  Drinks (and shirley temples) at the Crowne Plaza over looking the excitement of time square and then dinner at this very cool trendy sort of place.   A late night for the family but isn't New York the city that doesn't sleep?!!!!!  Our last day was a trip on the Staten Island Ferry to see the Statue of Liberty and then a power walk down Wall Street and finishing our tour at the site of ground zero (and explaining to our children the magnitude of what this was -- they were getting their very first history lesson on 9/11).  We explained to them that Kaili (now 11) was 2 and Cameron (now 9) was a baby and Colby was not even born yet (I believe I conceived him the week following 9/11).   It was so surreal as we can all remember exactly what we were doing at that moment and also how we were glued to the television for days and days.    We WILL never forget!

NYC was an absolute blast and a FAB place for family fun!  My only regret is that we did not see a show.  We tried to get tickets to Wicked but that did not work out.  The nice part is that cousin Emily is getting married this summer and we will be back in the city!  Kaili and I already decided we will see a show and the boys will catch a game at Yankee Stadium (big move for them as they are Red Sox fans).     We had to explain to my 7 and 9 year old boys that they cannot say "Yankee's Stink" in New York, we had to really discipline them on that rule!  lol

HIPP Moms can have a nice family get away either in their own town (day trips are great) in the city, in the country or world.   As a family, we are starting to "knock things off" our list of travel opportunities we want to provide for our children.  The Guyer family would conclude that NYC is so HIPP!  Have a HIPP day and plan a great family fun day in your own city and better yet, plan one to NYC!!!!!  


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