Picnic in the Park!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

What to do on a beautiful day while the kids don't have school!  I got up early and did my reading and headed to the gym, babies slept late after staying up late watching American Idol.... not having a routine for Spring break is such a treat, as much as I love routine, I equally love a break from it.   I was able to work a few hours this morning, needed do get some work done in my business.  While I did this from the comfort of my kitchen, the kids played outside until it was time to go and do an "outing"!

We loaded up the suburban and headed to a beautiful park right on the Atlantic, Lynch Park in Beverly, Mass.   We walked up to our favorite part for a picnic (it is really Gramma's favorite spot) where you have ocean views on both sides.  We laid down a blanket and had a nice lunch together.  I relish in those moments and I could not help but think all of the times we have had "picnics" in the ordinary days of being home with my kids.   I would work a few hours each day and also then have time them, each day (I so treasure that)!

Today, we ate, laughed, talked until my boys got restless and wanted to go to the playground at the park.  "Sure" go ahead and I will be right over.  They ran and ran up and down and all over the large play area.  I love seeing them get exercise, fresh air and most importantly be nice to each other (which is a daily challenge in our house)!!!!   

A picnic in the park costs nothing!  What a great easy way to connect with your kids.  Blanket, a few sandwiches, good potato chips (I love Wachusett) and 3 happy kids!  

Life is a picnic!  Have a HIPP day mom and go have a HIPP picnic in the park!


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