"My Pansies"

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Spring is here and some moms can be found in their gardens and at the very least, planting their pots.  My excuse this year is that we do not have landscaping  after a big renovation project on the house.  Truth be told, I am not into gardening!   For years I have said that I want to start gardening.  I love the concept of it, and I would love to say "these are my bla bla bla"!  I love the look of beautiful gardens and landscaping but I have finally realized or I am ready to admit, I don't enjoy getting my hands dirty....  I feel too busy to spend time doing these things, maybe that is just the reason to start.  Some people find such joy in it and I think that is wonderful, but I think I just might be the gal that makes a phone call to the landscaper and perhaps just plant a few pots....  I would love the idea of having a small veg. garden for the kids to nurture but I just can't get into it....  Herbs....  (some day)!  
HIPP Moms are able to define what they like and perhaps what they don't like.  We can't be everything to everyone (most importantly to myself).  So, as much as I love the "concept" of gardening, I don't think it is me (at least not at this stage of my life, I don't have time to harvest my garden)...  I will however, continue to admire my friends that garden and be inspired by their creations, interests and talents.  I hope I planted a seed for you today, a seed that spells out, don't try and be everything and understand that what you admire in someone else or you like the "concept" of may not be who you are.  Be your authentic self, even if you have to admit or realize that you are not made to do it all!  Have a HIPP day mom and be the gardener of your life!
HIPP Harvesting!


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