Can I Brag?

Monday, May 17, 2010

It is Monday morning, I have my coffee, kids are still in bed after a long weekend.  My daughter Kaili had her dance recital this weekend (4 shows for competition team).    Kaili joined the competitive team with far less experience than everyone, we really did not know how she would do but the teachers thought based on their observations that she would catch on...    

The studio owner (who runs an amazing dance program) pulled me aside and told me not only did Kaili come a long way this year, that she had such great talent and should do two solos next year in competition.  I am just so proud of this little girl because she loves it, and I can see the passion, confidence and lessons all unfolding while she is having fun but also working hard.  

At the last recital one of my friends was in the audience to see her daughter perform as she is in the same recreational program which Kaili was in last year.   She was so nice to have flowers for Kaili (and of course I had a gift for her darling girl-phew)!    I was so touched by her reaction to Kaili dancing, of course, as her mom, I think she is great but I am her mom....  My friend said "she is a stand out Pam, she really is amazing, her technique and stage presence is phenomenal, I can see her on broadway"!   She was not just saying this because she is my friend (trust me, she is not going to give a compliment unless it is from her heart)!  It just made my heart dance!!!!

Last night Kaili was so emotional, the graduating seniors at her dance studio had their last recital performance and Kaili is reminded she won't dance with them again.    She was drained by the time we got home, and her dad said "honey, you left it all on the dance floor", which is so true, she gives it EVERYTHING!

Bragging is so not cool and when we hear people do it too much, it just drains us.  Being a proud mom is a different story and it is HIPP to be a proud of your kids and be proud of the right things!

Brag all over your babies, tell them each today what is so special about them and what makes them shine!
Have a HIPP day mom and dance like no one is watching!   


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