DOWN right touched!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

I had my daughters dance recital this weekend, she performs in 4 shows as she on the competition team.  Out of 4 of the shows, I volunteer as a back stage monitor for 2 of those shows.  Yesterday was my first day of volunteering and I was in charge of a group of 6 year old girls.     As one of the mom's was leaving the back stage area to enjoy the show, she said "my daughter has downs so here is my cell phone if you need me".  As a mom, I watched over this little girl with extra love and attention, I became her one on one baby sitter.  Having spent 2 hours with this precious girl, I was so touched.  She was so funny about what she liked and did not like and made it known to me.  At one point, she hopped on my lap and hugged and kissed me, I had a new friend!   To see her on stage, my heart began to pound watching her like I was watching my own daughter, she had touched my heart and I could see how very special she truly is!   I was so proud of her performance and also so grateful I got time with my new special friend!

So what is the message in all of this, I don't quite know!  From my heart all I can say is everyone is unique and special and when we open our hearts and minds, we get great blessing like this.  

Have a HIPP day mom and seek out the HIPP in others!!!!!!


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