Family is Everything!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

While I have had so many more experiences in my family that have been more serious, tragic and important I love how my family rallies around me even when I have a day where there is a "ripple" in my spirit.  Without getting in to it, I experienced something today where my feelings were hurt (I am not sure that was intentional or not, I don't think so, but never the less, I was bummed out)!  

Sometimes we expect people in our lives to be on our team no matter what!  It is so hard to realize that is not the case and perhaps we are not as close to them as we thought we were..... 
hmmm....  yuck!

The shining side of this is how my family jumps at my side and stands by my side unconditionally!  This has always been the case in the Mellor family (my family growing up).  We would beat each other up at home (5 kids born in 6 years) but outside of the home we would fight to the end for each other.

That family bond is being duplicated in my family.    My daughter in particular as she is the one that keyed in on the issue today (smart girl)!  She was so incredibly in touch with feelings and said "mom, that is just not right"!  Again, not getting into the issue (which in the scheme of life is a small piece of sand on a very large beach).  She understands friendship, she understand love and she understands discernment at her very young age of 11.  Most importantly, she showed her love and loyalty and that to me is such a gift.  To have a daughter that not only is great, but is a dear friend to me.    

HIPP moms breed HIPP girls and I cannot take credit for her, I have to give her all the credit!  She is beyond her years and at 11 acts and thinks more positive and thoughtful than some adults do.

HIPP Moms have solid families, I am so grateful for my solid foundation!

Have a HIPP day and know you are surrounded by people and little people that will be on your team no matter what!  They drive us crazy (yes, we are REAL) but they love us like crazy!!!!

Team work makes the dream work, I am so proud to be on the Guyer team!


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