"Will You Stop Bugging Me"!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Okay, this blog is designed to inspire you and live your best life Mom, BUT, it is also a REAL MOM's point of view.  Allow me to be real.....    Before I do, lets understand the formula!  HIPP living is not about being Polly Anna walking around Happy and unrealistic!  HIPP living is being challenged, being real (with feeling and emotions) making mistakes BUT making choices to fix those mistakes or to turn your challenges into opportunities.  It is doing things to be a better you!  Okay, so back to the REAL MOM MOMENT!  Day 2 of summer vacation (kids have been home for 4 days now) and I still don't have my game plan down!  I've got 3 kids "bugging" me at different points this morning.  It goes like this:  "what's for breakfast", "can we have pancakes", "can I just watch one show", "can I have a play date",  "can I go over Michael's house", can we go to Bumpa's pool, repeat, repeat, repeat!    So what does a HIPP mom do?  Well, this HIPP Mom yells "CAN you all stop bugging me"!!!!!    

It is so important as Moms that we do things to take care of ourselves and give ourselves some time so that our time with our family "feels" better!  Fortunately, I know this about myself, I know I need time to either work out or do Yoga.  After I got rampaged, I had a baby sitter lined up to watch the kids so I could go do Yoga. 

Now back from Yoga, we have a game plan in place (and I am living the H in Hipp)!   Okay, now it is time to pack for the beach, then go to the pool, then on to piano lessons, and I think that is it!

REAL HIPP, live it, accept it and be it!  Have a HIPP day and go do some YOGA mom or at the very least, BREATH!  


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