Rise Above, the view is better!

Monday, June 28, 2010

We have our hands full, especially those of us that balance careers, kids, the household and try to show up BIG in all of these areas!  Sometimes showing up BIG means you have to be small!  Exactly what do you mean Pam?  I mean, sometimes you need to step back and either be patient, quiet, and or think as you work through challenges at either home or work (or both)!   I firmly believe that every adversity is an opportunity and that we grow and become stronger as a result.  Sometimes when us moms are on the "play ground", not everyone is playing fair or playing by our rules (that is okay, we are all different, and think different and sometimes people truly do not understand our intention)!  So, to be more specific, when others do not see the best in you and are not working to bring the best out of you, it is okay!  If you are like me, your first reaction is 
"#^&^%$&$!!!!!!!  Then I challenge myself to bring out the HIPP heart in me....  When this happens, I realize it has nothing to do with me and the best thing I can do is see the best, believe the best and rise above the "stuff" that in between!

So, the next time someone does not see the best in you, turn around and see the best in them, that is truly HIPP living!   As HIPP Moms we have to rise above it all and when we do, the view is better!

Have a HIPP Day!


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