The Joy of Boys!!!!!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Having both a girl and two boys, when they were babies, it was so much fun having a girl, dressing my girl and knowing I would have all the girlie girl phases of life to enjoy with her, the only thing missing was a sister for her!  I discounted then the JOY of BOYS!  I love having my girl, and she loves being the princess in our home (and I must admit, she deserves the throne)!  I equally love my boys and how much fun they are.  Last night we were invited to a private beach for dinner w/our family (friends of the boys).  While it rained, we were comfortable in the "beach house" while the boys ran on the beach, swam out to the dock and these cute 9 year olds were "singing in the rain"!!!!!   

Needless to mention the sports, and the great families that have come into our life through these two precious boys!!!!  Now, don't get me wrong, they drive me crazy when they are like two little cubs rolling around, loud, physical and crazy!!!!!    I do believe there is merit to the saying "boys will be boys"!!!!!

We cannot plan or decide what God will give us and that is the gift right there.    I love being the mother of two boys, they are fresh, they are delicious and they truly do bring so much JOY to my life!!!!!!

They bring out the "tough" side of me, and if I recall my childhood, as girlie girl as I was, I loved boys!!!  When I was a camp councilor, I had so much fun with the boys--they made me laugh, a lot, just like my guys!!!!

So, gone are the days of trying to find the joy in dressing boys!!!!   Here are the days I admit I love washing every baseball, hockey, lacrosse, football shirt in the house!!!!  I love seeing them so active outdoors and then our quiet conversations in the car.  I love my boys!!!!

Have a HIPP day mom and celebrate the boys in your life, and if you are mom of just girls, be patient with the boys around you, yes they are loud, yes they are physical but remember, boys will be boys and I would not have it any other way!!!!!!


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