Just Add Water!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

A simple recipe for kids during the summer month is "just add water"!  As long as the weather is on our side (which for the most part it has so far this summer) we are either at the beach, the pool or both this summer!  Once able to splash, cool down and just play, the kids are so happy and happy kids equals a happy mom!  

We had a great day yesterday.   Camp ended in the afternoon and we met some friends at the beach.  The kids had so much fun, swimming, splashing, running on the beach (yes, boys throwing sand at each other) and girls telling on the boys!!!!  

We stayed for dinner and had salad and pizza delivered to the beach, by the time we got home it was time for showers and bed time!!!!!

It was for sure a HIPP day!  My inspiration came from the beauty around me, the beach being only a few minutes from my home instantly refreshes me, I think we all have a place like that (even if we are in the midwest, perhaps its a lake or park)!  Productive, yes, I cranked in my home office while the kids were at camp.  Passionate, well, 3 out of 4 ain't bad!  

So mom if you are feeling the heat this summer, remember the timeless simple recipe "just add water"!  Have a HIPP, cool day!!!!!


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