Thursday, July 15, 2010

I don't know about you but one thing that I deal with is feeling overwhelmed between work, family and the "to do" list!   It is a good overwhelmed feeling I have (at times I have had that overwhelmed feeling of treading in water, not good)!     I am so grateful that I get to schedule my work time around my family, that to me is HUGE!  I have two initiatives I am working on this summer to grow my business, because they are not done, I am giving a lot of thought to them.  I can hear myself say to myself "JUST DO IT"!  As a visionary person with a creative mind, ideas and thinking BIG come easy, it is the execution and delivery that needs more attention!  

In addition to work, I have to organize things here at home.  Scheduling doctor appointments, securing calendar items, cleaning out the west wing in our home (old section that has not been renovated).  Okay, enough of the bla bla bla!!!!!!

HIPP Moms are productive (lol)!  So, my first step this morning is coffee, pen and paper.  Any time I have this feeling like there are not enough hours in the day I come up with a plan.  So, I will not only write my "to do list" (again), I will also prioritize what needs to happen!

Have a HIPP day and bang out your to do list or better yet, put it aside and enjoy the moment!


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