Work At Home, Removing Dust Bunnies!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I am getting ready for a meeting at my home where I will have close to 20 over night guests!  So, work this week is not only planning the agenda, content of the meeting, menus, etc.... it is also getting the dust bunnies out of the corners, and trying to make my house look like a magazine picture, which is a joke because some rooms are not even finished or decorated!!!!   Of all times, we realized we have ants in the kitchen and wouldn't you know last night, water was leaking through the ceiling, not good!    Even thou I have a list of a ton of things to do before now and then,  I must focus my thoughts on what I am looking forward to!!!  So many people coming to my home have volunteered to help out, in my way, I just want them to be a guest, and take everything in (that will change once the event is under way as it is normal in team work for everyone to pitch in)!

I am so looking forward to spending time with people.  We will be doing things like talking about hopes, dreams, desires and vision, things that I love to do with people.  As moms and as people who balance home and work (work can be housework for some), we need to have a vision for our life, we need to keep our hopes and dreams alive, we need to grow as a person and leader in our home!

Have a HIPP day mom!  Perhaps you plan events for either your family or your work or both!  It can be a lot of work and life can get out of balance for your family while you do it (I will be shipping mine out of here).  Focus on the purpose, focus on the gift of getting together and having time together, that is what I am looking most forward to!!!!!


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