What was I saying about Joy of Boys??????

Monday, August 2, 2010

My husband came up to me this afternoon and said, what was that about the joy of boys!   We had 5 boys here this afternoon and it was a bit nuts!  Speaking of nuts, one has a severe nut allergy so that always puts me in panic mode, like he is going to run into some peanut butter somewhere, or eat something we did not guess would have nuts!    All nice boys but together, they were nuts!  Playing outside was great, lemonade and a nut free snack (triple read the ingredients)!  When the time came to come inside, it was LOUD, they were everywhere and my mind was spinning because I was trying to get some work done and make some calls (sorry, so and so, don't mind the screaming in the background).  Now, everyone has left and my boys are out with their dad, girls just got dropped off from dance camp and are going through one of my "memory boxes" we found in our basement.  They are laughing so hard at pictures of me and how my son Colby looks just like me!  I can handle girl giggles any day, I might even go for a run while these cute girls laugh at my pictures, props and stuff from the 70's and 80's.

I am enjoying my quiet home right now, it is totally nut free!
Have a HIPP day and be sure to have a nut free moment!    Working and playing from home, there is nothing like it!!!!!  


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