Monday, September 20, 2010

I wake up early this morning to do some reading and have quiet time before the family morning rush.    My husband loves to get the coffee pot ready to brew the night before (when he thinks of it), and I wake up not only to a pot ready to go with the power of pressing "on" I also wake up to a cute message from him every time.  He has the best sense of humor and is also such an endearing person, it ALWAYS puts a smile on my face and is an example of his HIPP nature!

This mornings note (always on a yellow sticky) was TGIM!

We live for the weekends, especially him because he works a full time demanding schedule.  We value our weekends and the family time.  The challenge is the rush, and going separate ways with hockey, football, dance and play dates (if you have a family with school age kids, you know the drill)!  We LOVE the weekends in the fall when we can have our evening together as a family, LOVE IT!  This weekend we ran separate directions quite a bit only to deal with tired kids on Sunday night).  We let them stay up way too late on Saturday to watch a movie and needless to say, they were (some) a challenge at dinner last night and before bedtime.  

So as much as we say "TGIF" and LOVE our weekends, there are times as busy HIPP parents, TGIM is a good thing!

Make it a great Monday and gear up for a HIPP week!



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