Switch Those Gears!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

For those of you who work from home or work a flex schedule, you more than likely do so because you have a strong desire to be part of your family life and home life.  You desire presence, you desire being the one to either pick them up or greet them when they come in from the bus--you want your kids having memories of mom being in the kitchen and how comfortable home is.  This is the very reason I started a home based business, I had such a strong desire to be home for my children, and likewise, I had such a desire to have something of my own--which gave me time away from my kids but on my own terms (even if only a few hours)!   

There is such a benefit with this and I absolutely LOVE it!  While I love it, it can also be a challenge.  Some days I look forward to "switching gears" and can shut my work off easily, and there are other days that I just need to do "one more thing" and I am feeling torn between my two worlds.   I work every day on switching gears, to turn out of the role of business leader into role of "Mom"!    Most days I welcome that change, and I love sitting with them every day after school, getting them a healthy snack and hearing about their day.  Homework time (I REALLY don't love but it is not a choice--JUST DO IT) and they charge outside to play (these are days we are not in the car and heading to an activity).  

HIPP moms switch gears (from work or volunteer assignments) to tending to their families.  Yes, there are times we need to put work first and that is okay, as long as we are conscious about it and try the best we can to be present and know when and how to switch gears.

Put it into first and find that "happy medium".  Rev it up and have a HIPP day!


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