Get Your Monday Game Face On!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Here we are, the Monday after Thanksgiving, if you are like me, you ate too much, you did too much and while it was a great weekend, more than likely you are exhausted from it all, and need to rebound, regroup and refresh!   Where are my abs I have been working so hard on, oh, they are behind all the cakes, pies, red & white wine and yummy dips! 

"I'll have a diet coke please"!

I have a choice this morning.....   I can beat myself up for eating way too much and also I can give into how exhausted I feel.   As I write this, I have the gas fire place on, I am in my pj's and I just finished reading, having my morning coffee and will wake up the kids soon.  I really want to stay here all day, under my warm cozy blanket, in my pj's and not face the day and what needs to happen!  I do believe we need days like that and curling up on the couch is good for the soul, it is nurturing and so needed at times.

My choice is to give myself credit for getting up early to get my "game face on", and reading and thinking about my day and the renewal of Monday.  I will do the morning routine with the kids and get them off to school.  I will then put my lululemon gear on and hit yoga, that will ground me to get back to me and break out of the cycle of "eat, drink, be merry"(repeat), eat, drink, be merry" (repeat)!  
I will also get my mom game on!  We never stop being mom, but we do stop thinking about our best life mom!!!!   I will purposely think about my family life and how I balance it all:  family, work and home!  Being there for my kids is of utmost importance to me, but sometimes we are physically there but mentally exhausted, sound familiar?    While I have a business trip mid week, I will plan my next few days to create the balance, be present and be on my game as wife, mother, and me (taking care of myself so that I can take care of those I love)!  

While "Monday" has always had a horrible ring to it, I remind you that Monday is a gift, a gift to get your game face on!  To step away from the craziness of your life, and to create a great week, great day, great hour, great moments!

Happy Monday, it is a choice and it is yours to make!   Just by reading this post, you are already HIPP, this is just a reminder to you that we all need to get our Monday Game face on!  

Wishing you a HIPP Monday and hoping you make the choice to embrace the renewal in it!


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