Dream On Dream On Dream On Dream On!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Our favorite family weekly activity this past year has been watching American Idol together!  I don't always get to watch it live w/the kids but we will DVR it and watch it together over the weekend!  What is so unreal is how my kids love Steven Tyler, and you know what, I love him too!  

Watching him on American Idol, I have to say I think I have a crush on him!  I love his energy, his passion for music, his personality and most of all his heart!  To see him with a disabled young woman on show 2, was so heart warming, not only a rock legend, but a rock star when it comes to a generous, loving, compassionate heart!

So, my question for you is, are you living these lyrics?  

Are you "dread on" or are you DREAM ON!  Let me inspire you to "dream on, dream on, dream on, dreaming til your dreams come true"!  

In my company, we get to get people dreaming again and not only that, but to DREAM BIG!  I love that and I want to inspire so many of you to do just that, DREAM BIG!  

If there were no limitations at all, what would your life look like?

What is your hearts desire?

Are you trying to "fit in" or are you brave enough to stand out?  Now I don't mean stand out like an odd ball, what I mean is do you have enough confidence to walk in your own shoes, step out in faith and live on purpose each day to be the best you and more importantly, reach for your dreams?!!!!

Your dreams are inside of you just dying to come out.  So in the words of the rock star legend, "Dream On, Dream On, Dream On, Dreaming till your dreams come true"!  

Bring out the rock star in you!



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