Purpose & Passion!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

A big part of HIPP Mom living is purpose and passion!  I was away for a week at a work conference which was life changing for me!    I work with a very special company and this company truly is a "Live Your Best Life Business"!  The theme (among many) was living on purpose and how that helps us to be at our best and is truly our destiny!   As moms (I fall victim to this) we think our purpose is raising children!  While that is part of our purpose, it really is not the whole thing.  My role as mom is so important to me, but I know I was created to do more, and also I know I am in charge of creating my best life!

So, I have not been on my blog because my feet have not hit the ground since returning from my awesome meeting.  Being surrounded by the most positive and passionate women was incredible.  Hearing from speakers that have made choices, have failed and as a result have succeeded.  

I wish every HIPP Mom had what I have!  The funny thing is, they can have it, they just might not know that it is there!

Live with purpose and passion today, it is in your heart, just realize it and OWN it!


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