Are You Caught up in the Mundane or the Rat Race?

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

HIPP moms can get so caught up in the role of mom, be it SAHM or working mom (is there an acronym for this)?   I am not going to get caught up in the politics (or dare I say war) of working moms and stay at home moms, the importance is the choice is up to the mom and one thing I do know, momma's love their babies, no matter what, momma's love their babies.  We all will do anything for our babies, having said that, we are united as moms.  Allow me to confess:  SAHM's ROCK!  I don't think there is a harder or more important role on the planet than being a stay at home mom.  If you are a SAHM or desire to be one, I am cheering you on and I am admiring your choices (which can be mundane) but ever so rewarding and truly a gift to your child (assuming you do the job pretty well-lol).  Now you working moms, don't get your back up because I applaud you too!  I so admire the mom that says, I am better at working than I would be as a SAHM, you own yourself and you were able to define the path that is best for your family.  My heart breaks for the working mom that wants to be home with her babies (babies are children of all ages in my eyes).  Even thou you think there is no alternative, I think you should challenge that and begin to plan a "Plan B" and create a way for you to be home, even if it takes a few years.  What do you love to do?  Can you be paid to do it and can it be something flexible for you.    SAHM's, are you fulfilled or are you caught up in the mundane way of life (which is hard to avoid), after all, no one is giving you a pat on the back because you fold laundry really well or you read Dr. Suess 5 times in a row.   It is my hope with this blog to get you thinking about your best self as mom and how to balance the most important role in your life "MOM"!   Do you realize you can be on purpose with your role as a mom and create a way to go at this so you don't feel lost, so you don't feel all those conflicting emotions all the time.  Lets gain some clarity on who you are, what you want and how you can continue to put your family first, without losing yourself.  Stay tuned for my experiences, and thoughts when I became a mom.  I believe I am naturally a mom (the nurturing came so easy to me and was natural), BUT, I am not naturally HIPP (even thou I want to think I am), I work every day at it and some days it comes easy, and other days I need to reach inside myself to be the HIPP mom my family deserves.   So I want to remind you that you don't need to be caught up in the mundane at all times, there is purpose, passion and vision inside of you.  Likewise, you can get out of the rat race, even for parts of your day.  It is my hope to inspire the HIPP mom in you, even for a day, an hour or a moment.    Always remember, HIPP is a CHOICE, and it is YOURS to make!  
Have a HIPP day and stay tuned for "When I became a Mom"!


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