Dance Little Sister, Dance!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

I am not only a hockey, baseball, lacrosse and football mom with my 2 boys, I am a dance mom too!  Not like other dance moms that are "so into it and even wear shirts "dance mom"!  I start sweating when it is time to do hair and make up and I cringe putting color and lashes on her beautiful 10 year old face.  It is all so worth it when I see my little girl on stage, her passion for the "sport" comes alive and she is owning herself and living her passion!  As a mom, there is nothing like that.   I often wonder, is it crazy to go from activity to activity with 3 kids and a busy schedule.....?  Hockey is a big commitment sport, competitive dance is a big commitment sport/activity.  We are busy most days after 3:00pm and I have become the car pool queen and mom on the go.  When I see my baby girl shine and dance her heart out, it makes my heart beat and reminds me that it is all so worth it.  I often say, "I don't care where I need to drive or go, if my kid loves it, I am there!  Sure, I will complain at times, and sometimes it does feel too busy, BUT, seeing them participate and understand the importance of hard work, commitment, team work and progress are important life lessons which are unfolding as they learn, stay active and spend time away from tv/computer and too much down time.  On free days, out door play and not structured days are alway important and we do that too!  I am so grateful to be able to have flexibility to be there (working at home rules), and while I have had to make the commitment (financially and time), it is so worth it because of the lessons learned and also the passion being unleashed!     So, for all you moms out there that are not sure it is worth it, or your not sure your child has found his or her nitch...  Keep trying, keep going and for sure, all of this "work" will work out!  Have a HIPP day and know any time you spend with them carting to and from activities is so worth it.....   I hope you see it and I hope you dance!


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