Easters on its way!

Monday, March 29, 2010

With less than a week before Easter, this week I will dedicate time each day to prepare for Easter Sunday and entertaining both sides of our family.  Our family tradition at Easter is a Easter Brunch for approximately 25 people.  Church in the morning and everyone arrives at noon, which gives me an hour to get the brunch buffet ready for our guests.  I tried to change the menu last year to an afternoon dinner just to change things up but my sister begged me to keep the brunch--"every year we look forward to your french toast bake and roasted potatoes and pasta dish"!  I love to cook for people and more importantly, entertain and make their holiday experience memorable (I must admit, it is a lot of work and if I am not prepared, it can become stressful).   After eating we have our traditional egg hunt in the back yard, with baskets and kids running everywhere!  My 5 year old niece will have a traditional "easter dress" on and I am going to relish in having a little girl with tights and shiny shoes, I just love that!    My sweet 10 year old girl will have her ralph lauren white dress and I am sure some cute (cool) shoes which I will run out and get this week.  My handsome sons will wear white shirts, khakis and navy sweater vests which will be torn off after church I can bet.  After school today, the kids and I will decorate the house with our Easter decor.  In the meantime, I am sitting on my comfy couch, with a fire going and the rain is pouring outside.  Lap top on my lap and loving the fact that I work from home!  Have a HIPP day mom and if you are entertaining for the holiday, you are blessing others and all the work will be worth it.  HIPP HOPP!!!!!


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