Detox Your Body and Home

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Last Monday I posted and talked about it being Monday, usually the day I eat really well and make it until at least noon.  After dealing w/the concern of my sister having surgery and then an unexpected 3 day power outage, I ate poorly and did not work out!  I am increasingly learning more about myself and perhaps you can learn from me.  When you work out and eat well--you feel better, it is so simple (but I don't mean give up on the things we love, enjoy them in moderation)!    The best thing is that Monday is always here again.  Yesterday was Monday and I started a detox program just to cleanse and detoxify my body--it is almost like an early spring cleaning.  I am on day 2 and feel good.  I worked out this morning and was back home by 7:00ish am to do the usual morning drill with the family.  I feel good and am excited not only to detoxify my body but I am going to start work on my home.  De-clutter is a word that jumps off the magazine covers for me!    I really believe that doing a de-clutter helps to clear your mind.  When there is too much clutter in your home, there is too much clutter in your head!  Oooohhhh, I hate to admit that!  I have clutter spots all around the house.  Fortunately most are in the "old section" (the space we need to renovate) but also each room has a small space that needs to be cleansed!    So, cleanse your body by either detox, just eating well and drinking lots of water.   This will make you feel stronger, give you energy and allow you to be good to yourself on the inside and out!   Have a HIPP healthy day mom!


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