Create Memories and Capture Memories!

Monday, April 5, 2010

It is the day after Easter and we had a lovely day.  The brunch at my home went well, despite a few mishaps while preparing, no one saw the water everywhere because I forgot I had the pot filler (faucet) going while I walked away (and completely forgot I was filling a pot of water for my pasta for shrimp scampi)--it was a Lucille Ball moment (am I dating myself)! 

 We had beautiful weather, both families here and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.  The cousins off playing and having fun with their cousins (both big and small), that is my favorite part of the holiday, seeing the kids building their memories or family traditions and holidays together, it is priceless!    I am so grateful for my rock star sister in law that has the gift of "capturing the moments" with her camera and great eye.  We laugh because she will give me credit for putting on the parties, dinners and events, which I like doing (although it is a lot of work), I enjoy feeding people, celebration and traditions that create memories for the kids and also each generation--especially for family gatherings.  I am so busy preparing, and making sure food is served, and everything is moving along that I am not able to stop and take pictures and capture the moment.    She is our family photographer (much like my sister Susan is on my side of the family), they capture the moments, the memories and the things that will last forever.  I am so grateful for this because it truly is a partnership.  We laugh and I say "I will create the memories, and she then chimes in "and I will capture them"!  It is awesome!!!!

As we wrap up the Easter holiday, I want to share how grateful I am for this day and the reason behind the day.  As much as we love the tradition, cute dresses, chocolate eggs and yummy food, while at church in the morning and throughout the day, I am reminded to celebrate HIM and give thanks to HIM!  

With Easter Sunday behind us, it is Monday and that is always time for renewal.  Time to say no to those chocolate eggs or marshmallow peeps!  Time to think about beach season being only less than 2 months away.  It is Monday, and it is time!

Wishing you a HIPP day and reminding you to not only create those memories but capture them too!


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