The Smell of Spring!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

This morning I woke up early to read and then headed to the gym.  I had the window open because we have extraordinarily warm weather for this time of year.  I could hear the birds chirping and I could smell the refreshing scent of Spring.  The smell has not changed in 40+ years for me, it is fresh, it is familiar and it reminds me of my childhood and growing years--it makes me feel good.  I can't help but think my kids are smelling spring too!  While their experience is different from mine, I keep in mind that this will stay with them and they will enjoy seeing our grass become green, seeing the buds in the trees, seeing the flowers bloom and spending more time outdoors.  Just yesterday I was at the beach with both my boys, it was like a summer day!    All the sounds, smells, sights and warmth has me so looking forward to the Spring season and the warmer months ahead.   As we end our hockey season and start baseball, lacrosse and continue with dance, I feel so refreshed and ready for a change in season and the flowers dancing and blooming!  Wishing you a HIP day and hoping you spring into the "feel" of this fresh, sweet, colorful season!


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