Ever Blow Through a Red Light?

Friday, April 23, 2010

Today Kaili and I had some girl time going to get a pedicure while the boys went to lacrosse practice (wooo hooo)!!!!!!     While listening to a great song "Tonights Gonna Be a Great Night", we like it because Kaili has a routine for her dance team and the choreography ROCKS and so does my little girl when she performs.    So, we are singing and dancing while driving and I am ready to take a left into the parking lot and realize It is a red light and I am stuck in the middle of the intersection.  The other side has traffic turning right so I can't move until all the cars go by, I just want to get myself out of the middle and turn left (while the light is red) to get to a safety zone!  Phew..... I say to Kaili and we go on our way and park the car.  As we exit and head towards the store (a lil' shopping before we go pedi), a man walks by and says "nice job running through a red light with a kid in the car, real good decision.... (as he shook is head).  WHAT!!!????????
I was equally stunned, embarrassed but also thinking to myself "you don't understand, I didn't mean to do that and I also ran it so that I could get into a safe place".   I was SO NOT HIPP!!!!!
I replied "mind your own business", yes, so not HIPP!!!!!   He walked into the store and a nice gentleman behind me reminded me "don't listen to him, some people are just misrable"!  
I said "YES", I made a mistake, I am always a safe driver (with the exception of picking up speed if a great song comes on)!!!!!    
Well, the moral of this post is, we are human and HIPP moms have moments, we blow through red lights with our kids in the car (but we do not mean to do that and more importantly it rarely happens)!  
So, just gain a laugh from this one, HIPP mom, singing and driving along w/her girlfriend in the backseat and how HIPP moms are SOOOO very far from perfect, but perfectly GREAT!

Have a HIPP day and remember  "LIFE IS TOO SHORT FOR RED LIGHTS"!!!!!!   


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