Really Mom?

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Don't read this post anymore because I don't know anything (I am laughing as I write this).  My sweet little girl (who really is a great girl and my husband and I are in awe of how sweet, funny, loving, and special she is, she is our golden girl)!  Our sweet golden girl will be 11 next month and she is showing signs of "pre-teen" attitude and behavior (it comes and goes).  It goes something like this, she is with her BFF, laughing, happy and just loving life.  When BFF leaves us and we chat about something, and I offer advise or for that matter, open my mouth.  The response is "really mom", or "you don't know mom", or "you always do this".  The tone has completely changed from the laugh and giggles with BFF, it goes vally girl on me.  I wish my face could be filmed when she talks to me in this way, I want to respond back but I am biting my tongue and just being a loving patient mom (most of the time)!    

So, if you have raised your daughter through this stage of life, you are laughing and you know and can relate to this I am sure.  If you currently raising a tween daughter, you are saying "tell me about it"!  If you have a baby girl that is not quite there yet, enjoy it, relish in it as those years are so precious (and still are precious when they get to be tween, she is so much fun when she is not "really moming" me)!

HIPP Moms and HIPP daughters, it is a blessing to have this relationship in our lives.  In between the "really moms" and the "you don't know anythings", when we look beyond those moments there are so many great ones to embrace!  

Have a HIPP day mom and know you are REALLY HIPP!!!!!!!


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