Time with ONE!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

The older two were off on a playdate and a sleepover last night so my husband and I had the joy of having our youngest to ourselves and more importantly, he had the joy of having his parents to himself.  We had dinner out and had so much fun seeing this baby of 3 show off and shine!   It is not hard for this little man to shine, COOL is in his DNA!!!!!   (for example, when the waitress asked us what we wanted to drink, he chimed in and said "I'll have a grey goose cosmo", just have been those luncheons with mommy, lol)!  Never the less, Colby does not get much one on one time anymore seeing he is the youngest and loves being around his brother and sister.  We played a fun game with the alphabet and my husband and I went back and forth with the letters thinking of a word to describe him, "A", "awesome"!     With each one of them, I was able to create one on one time when they were babies, toddlers and pre-K age, we had help and with that help, I strategically scheduled that time w/each of them.  As much as we love our time together as a family, it is so much fun to have time with each one, they are so unique in their own ways and it is great to get that time which is not shared with anyone else.  HIPP moms try and create time with each child, even if it is a brief time one on one together each week.  So Mom, in between your busy schedule of working and playing, go schedule some one on one time with your babies!  Have a HIPP time and a HIPP day!!!!


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