It is Within YOU!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

As moms, we are so BUSY, and most often go day to day trying to catch up with ourselves.  I am overwhelmed by my to do list, between my business and my home and family, there is not much time to pursue much else!!!!     CREATE, we need to create time!   What dream do you have in your heart and what vision have you seen over and over again in your mind.  For me, I have many, I happen to have a home based business that gets me to do a lot of this and I LOVE that!   However, there is this dream (and vision) I have had dancing around in my mind and heart for years, to have my own show (kind of like a talk show) where I feature average moms and other women that inspire me (and you) to be more, do more and have more!   This goes way back to watching GMA in the early 90's, and thinking "I could be Joan Londen" or of course watching Oprah since 1986 thinking, I would love to make people feel this way.  More recently, I have given a lot of thought to my passions:  family, home, balance, working from home, intention, purpose and inspiring others.  Just last week I learned about a challenge that Oprah is having to win your OWN talk show!  What, I just wrote on this blog that I would be featured on Oprah and I would have a weekly show!  So, as hard as it is to step forward and go for it (scary), that is the very reason to do it!  So HIPP Moms, what dream do you have in your heart, are you letting the world see you shine and use your amazing talents to bless others!

Have a HIPP day and DREAM and more importantly GO FOR IT!!!!! 


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