Wedding Bliss

Monday, June 7, 2010

We have just returned from a family wedding in NJ and it was such a great time.  Seeing my cousin (now 30), grow into such a successful person in many ways celebrate this important day was so amazing.  Charlie and I watched from the side thinking this was our life at least a decade ago, knowing what Matt and his new bride have ahead of them is just an exciting thing and feeling to have.  The wedding was beautiful, Fingerlakes NJ which I am told is where "Real Housewives" is filmed!  A country club affair, it could not have been more beautiful.  The REAL beauty was in the celebration of family and friends, and I am so grateful for these family members that I adore.  

So, for you married moms out there.   We get so caught up in the day to day that we often forget the joy and celebration that marriage brings (I am laughing as I write this).  This month I celebrate our 12th wedding anniversary, I was blessed to marry my soul mate.  More to come on that.  Have a HIPP day and celebrate your marriage, or relationship or status today, even if it is for a HIPP minute!
Have a HIPP day!


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