Daddy's Home!

Friday, July 2, 2010

It was a week without Daddy home and the kids stayed up late to see him walk in the door after 9:00pm.  I gain more respect and empathy for single parents any time he is out of town.  It requires more juggling, more planning and less time for me to balance my life, my work and our home.  While the pressure is "on" more while he is away, we make the best of it and I have to say we had a great week!   Dinner each night was more simple and 3 nights this week we had "movies with mommy"!  In our home, we call it family movie night, I just put a different spin on it.  As much as we missed having daddy here, we made the best of the week and had fun at the beach, the pool, and kept up with dance, baseball and the activities they are involved in this summer.  

I even had them reading for 30 minutes each day, quiet time in their bedrooms reading, that gave me solid time to work my business (in addition to time in the morning when I had coverage for them).  

Now that daddy IS home, I get to go play this afternoon.  Here is my day: a run, yoga, 2 hours of work, family time  (lunch) and then time for mommy to run errands and productivity on keeping home!

Have a HIPP day mom schedule a "mommy movie night", the best part is snuggling on the couch and laughing with your babies!


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