Decide Who You Spend Your Time With

Thursday, July 29, 2010

As moms our time is so very valuable, we juggle A LOT but also need to have mom friends (and non mom friends) to inspire us, laugh with us, hear own challenges but also be truly happy for us during the good, bad and ugly!

A success principle in life and in business is to surround yourself with people that are more successful than you and who are where you want to be!  It makes a lot of sense and truly can have an impact personally and professional.

The same holds true for moms!   Surround yourself with people who build you up and do not bring you down!  I find as I am in my 40's, I am realizing I am more select on who I spend my time with.  I think the key thing is, it needs to be a relationship that is two ways (give and take), listen and be heard.  More importantly, your mom friends need to bring out the best in you, do they make you Happy, do the Inspire you.  If they do the opposite of deflate you, or sometimes do these things but other times, they do not, it may be time to decide to make some space between these types of people.

Test Your Mom Friends:
-Do they build you up?
-Do they see the best in you?
-Are they considerate of you?
-Do they compliment you?
-How are they with your kids?
-Are they someone you trust?
-Are they cheering you on?
-Do they admire you as a mom, friend, person and perhaps professional?

Hopefully you do the same for them!  So if your friends scored high (do most of these things as listed), they are people you should surround yourself with, they are your true girlfriends!  If they do not do many of these things or sometimes do the opposite, it may be time to create some space and surround yourself and your family with those that build you UP!

Time is so valuable, we do not have enough of it.  Friends are a treasure, they make us complete.  Choose wisely who you spend your time with, it is not about "association" or knowing more people--it is about being real, and developing life long friendships that feel good and make you better!

Now, who ever came to mind (or a few people that did) that fit the bill, call them and make a plan to get together--let them know how you feel about them!


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Hi Pam! Just stopping back by to read your post! Looking forward to hearing back from you!

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