Summer Top 10!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A friend of mine gave me this great idea which I have been doing for years and it is great for moms to make sure you put the FUN in family fun this summer!  I especially love this for moms that balance both work and family because it ensures that we dedicate time to doing the important things with our families and creating memory builders each season.  Now that July is almost to an end, I am thinking about our top 10 list, and realizing we need to get to knocking more things off!  Here is our top 10 list, you can write one too and if you have done things on your list already, that is cool, just add a check, it makes you feel good!  It is fun to brainstorm the list with your kids, it is funny to see what they come up with!
Guyer Family Top 10 Summer 2010
1.  Clambake 
2.  Hiking in VT or NH
3.  Visit Carlos Bakery
4.  Red Sox Game
5.  Camp Out with Daddy
6.  Biking to South Beach
7.  Whale Watch
8.  Essex/Peabody Museum
9.  Lunch at the Park
10.  Lemonade Stand

Obviously, we do a lot more than the things on this list and likewise, some things on the list can be so small and simple.  One year it was paint our beach rocks and many years, collecting sea glass is on the list.   I wanted to add our 30 minutes a reading time (calling it an adventure) but my little monkeys would not go for it (we will do it but don't add it to the list)!!!!!

Family Fun is the simplicity of spending time together, and laughing at the things that happen or the exchanges between siblings, and realizing it is all part of the journey.

Have a HIPP day and create your list and more importantly, CREATE your family life!!!!


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