The Family Road Trip

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

We are just back from a mini family vacation which took us from Massachusetts to the Jersey Shores for a dance competition for my daughter.  It ended up being an 8 hour drive down and 7 1/2 hour drive home, "99 bottles of beer on the wall"!   It brought back such memories of the many car trips with my family and dad saying "if I have to pull this car over".  I was reminded that they did not have hand held gadgets for kids, a dvd player in the car, an i pad  etc....  My respect for my parents continues to grow as I journey through this wonderful thing called parenthood.  
As much as I was ready to get to our destination, there is something so "together" oriented being in the car as a family.  We LOVE LOVE LOVE our family vacations, there is something so uniting to be a family and be traveling some place different.  Now, lets get real, as "wonderful" as the experience is, there were also the "he's touching me" and "would you stop talking" moments, and I can see why my dad would yell to the back seat "if I have to pull this car over", I think we had one of those moments stuck in traffic on the George Washington Bridge--I actually had visions of leaving one of them on the side of the road at one point-lol!

The icing on the cake from our road trip was on the way home making a detour to Hoboken NJ to see our FAV family show bakery "Cake Boss" by visiting Carlo's Bakery.  While Buddy was not there, we managed to pick up a cake to celebrate our Bumpas b-day and also some cannolli's, cookies and crumb cake.   I think it cost me 5 pounds!!!!!

As much as I love our family getaways, I must admit there's no place like home!  
It is not always the destination but the journey that inspires us.    HIPP moms enjoy the journey, we might get detoured or run off the road BUT we get back on!  Have a HIPP day and happy travels!


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