Wednesday, August 11, 2010

"The meaning of things lies not in the things themselves, but in our ATTITUDE towards them".
Antoine De Saint-Expery

I believe ATTITUDE is everything!  It is not what happens it is how we react to what happens!  HIPP moms have a positive attitude and when we go off course (we are human), we make a choice to get back on track.  

Focus on the positive in everything that you do!  If we focus on the negative, or the challenges and what is not happening, we get that back!  It is hard enough being a mom sometimes, we need to face it with positive alignment and purpose.

When we look for the best in things and the best in others, it brings out the best in us!
Don't you want to live your best life?  Don't you want to feel HAPPY (what a concept)!

Work each day on your attitude and yours will be a day of fulfillment, and purpose.  When things get your stirred up (which they always do, we are busy moms), shake it off, and look for the positive or lesson in the situation.

Wishing you a positively POSITIVE day!!!!!
And another thing, don't ever let them see you sweat!!!!!  LOL


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