Embrace the Remainder of Summer!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

 How does the season go by so fast, we do still have the remainder of the month to enjoy this season we call "Summer"!  Moms, be reminded you only have 18 summers with your babies, as I look at how tall my kids are getting and how they are growing, I just want to hold on tight!  I can't believe it is only 18 summers, my oldest is now 11, so that means 7 more where she is truly mine!  I want to encourage you to finish off the season with that spirit, not sad, just aware and grateful for the season, being a mom and having the honor of raising your beautiful children!    As moms that work (and SAHM's work hard too balancing home, bills, etc...), it is hard to balance the two worlds and also not every day is a "picnic" when raising kids, they act up which makes us act out!  Below is paragraph I wrote to my business partners as we all work from home and many are moms that balance it all.  I want to share it with you as you enjoy the remainder of this wonderful season called summer!  Remember, we only have 18 summers with each of our babies, how are you spending that time?


Happy Summer Everyone!   


I hope you are all enjoying this season of care free living and such memory builders 

for either our children or our families and relationships!   Cold lemonade on a hot 

summer day!  The sound of the ocean, smell of fresh salt air and the warm sand 

under your feet!  Perhaps fresh cut grass and a sparkling lake and for all of us, the 

sites of beautiful green trees, bountiful flowers, and warm sun on our beautiful (sun 

protected, glowing) Arbonne faces!   It is indeed a time of year to enjoy our 

surroundings and the people we surround ourselves with! 


As I write this I am so grateful for a home based business because I am (and you are) able to 

CREATE a schedule which allows you the gifts of all summer time traditions we 

look forward to and embrace in our hearts and minds.  What is so ironic is that 

when we put more into our business, we get more of these moments either in the 

present or future!    We are so empowered because we are able to create our 

schedule, determine how much we want to "work" (most of the time, it does not feel 

like work) and we know that if we play full out, we will get full out results!   


So moms, play full out in both work and play.  Keep focused on what you need to do and also be sure to carve out the time to enjoy your family, and your role as mom, before you know it, it is back to school, and summer of 2010 is a thing of the past!


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