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Friday, August 13, 2010

I woke up today to an e-mail from a dear family in South Africa.   For 5 years, we had Au Pairs to help with the balance of work and home.   In order to be a HIPP mom, sometimes it is realizing or deciding you might need help!  For me, having 3 babies in 3 years then starting a home based business, was evidence that I would do a better job at home and at work if I had help!  Now, not everyone needs an Au Pair, but for me, that seemed to be the right choice for our family!  I was blessed with 3 girls in particular that I now consider family members!  Two are from SA, Shano and Adelle and the 3rd is from the UK, Melissa!   These girls got to see me at my best and at my worst, they also got to know my children so well and each one loved my kids and in return my kids were crazy about them!   I am reminded this morning how blessed I was to have this help and more importantly how blessed I was to have these girls be a part of our family.  
I got to be the constant presence in my kid's lives but also, I had someone to turn to when I could not take the time to focus 100% on them.  Looking back, it was a wise decision and for our family a blessing to us all.

I know there was a point where I almost did not get an Au Pair because I was concerned with what people would think.   Does that mean I am not raising my kids, or do they think I can't do it and I am not Super Mom!  Fortunately, I quickly told myself, that it really does not matter what others think and if they think that, that is their problem!   This decision helped me be successful at home and at work.  So, if you are a mom that is trying to balance home and work and you do not have support, allow yourself the opportunity to be successful!  For me, it not only allowed me to focus on a few hours on work each day, it also allowed me to have more quality time with them!    

What is funny to me, is that so many people have always asked about my Au Pair, they were more curious about "my au pair" than me!    The "super moms" I am sure looked down upon it, but I laugh inside knowing how great it was (I don't need to fold all my laundry perfectly), I am perfectly okay with having help!  

HIPP moms make decisions based on what is best for their family and I empower you to do the same!  Not only will it make your home more HIPP, it will bring people into your life that leave an imprint on your family!    We each have a finger print of this amazing gals and this has shaped who we are as a family in a very positive way!

Have a HIPP day and celebrate in the relationships which shape your family!
A big shout out to Shano, Adelle and Melissa!  I am so grateful for you and you are always in the hearts of our family!  


Laurie Mattaliano said...

I have LOVED my au pairs - think it is absolutley the best solution to childcare and family sanity!

hippmoms said...

Completely agree Laurie! I think the most important thing is to do what works best for your family. For us, we had such great gals so who became an important part of our life. You are a HIPP mom for sure!

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