Happy Happy Happy Happy!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

It is my birthday today and I am feeling the H in HIPP, HAPPY!  Happy because it is my birthday, not necessarily, but perhaps the day is having some influence on that?!  I awoke this morning (got to sleep in on this oh so rainy day), my kids gently jumped on top of me in bed at 8:30am with "happy birthday" hugs, there is no better way to awaken than to your babies in bed with you, hugging you and so loving!  They reminded me if I wanted to make the 9:00am yoga class, I should get up!  I wanted to start my day with yoga, even thou I now do it so often, it was a MUST for the day.  

 After yoga they picked me up (yes, door to door service today, they want to spoil Mommy on her birthday)!   As I open the door (all sweaty because it is power yoga that I do), they have a venti pike coffee waiting for me from starbucks, w/skim milk, just the way I like it!  

I am now up in my bedroom with laptop and a book, they are making noise down stairs in the kitchen (I think they are baking a cake for me)!   I am not allowed down stairs!

I love how much fun THEY are having!  That makes me happy!  I am being flooded with messages on FB, VM & I am so humbled by the incredible people in my life, I am blessed.  The wishes truly put a smile on my face!

I am so grateful for my life!  The rain is POURING outside, much like it did on my wedding day!  I am reminded that wet knots are tighter and that I am being showered with love today!

HAPPY HAPPY day to you all!


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