I am ready for the season change!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Not only is it raining like cats and dogs, my kids are fighting like cats and dogs!    Here we are at the end of summer (well, almost time for school); as much as I love summer, I am ready for the fall, and the kids going back to school.  I want MY TIME back!  I love my babies but they are driving me crazy, a lot of fighting this week, this bickering is a sign that they are ready for school too (even thou they would disagree with me)!  We have had such a fun summer.  A lot of time at the pool, the beach, more ice cream consumption than I should have allowed and of course 3 family trips!  One more week until school starts, I am not ready, BUT, I am ready!  

Can you relate?

When you work at home, and your kids are home (yes, camp is over) it's a bit of a challenge, I will get through it and you will too, but I think I need some strategies between now and then!   I am so grateful for all we have done this summer, it has been fun!  We still have 1 more week and I want to plan as much fun as possible, but also need to work and also get my home/life ready for "back to school"!  

Here is a picture of one of our fun summer memories out on a boat and on a beach for a day, absolutely a perfect summer day!

HIPP moms are keeping it real!  Have a HIPP day!


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