Thank Heavens for Little Girls!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Thank heavens for little girls, especially those in curls!  We had a family wedding this weekend in NYC and what was really neat was seeing my kids participate in this wonderful family celebration!  My daughter was the flower girl (even thou she is getting closer to the age of Junior brides maid), the bride (my husband's cousin) and my daughter have become very close over the years.   We had the dress,the shoes and the day of the wedding had curls to add the finishing touch (more curls than we wanted, but that is a story for a different day)!  The bride was beautiful and the wedding was fabulous, at the penthouse of our hotel overlooking the entire city sky line (NYC), it was incredible!  Of course, seeing my daughter dressed up and standing by the bride was just so great because she truly is the kind of kid you want by your side, and cousin Emily was sure to make that happen!  Kaili is poised, confident, tender, lovely, smart, kind, funny and beautiful on the inside and out!   When I grow up I want to be more like her!!!!
Of course, seeing my boys so handsome in suit jackets just melted my heart, as hard as we work at parenting and as stressful as it was traveling in groups (it was fun 80% of the time but there was 20% frustration with running late, waiting for others and the usual stuff that comes with larger groups)!  My husband and I are so proud of our brood!  They have their fights, they were driving us crazy during certain parts of the trip --if people say their kids don't drive them nuts, they are not sharing the full picture with you!  However, we celebrated with family, we celebrated our family--we put so much into our family and to see them dressed up and part of a special celebration was so touching.  The best part of the wedding was celebrating the special people and being a part of their day.  

Kaili had her opportunity to be a flower girl in cousin Emily's wedding, what a treat as the next stage for Kaili will be the pre-teen and teenage years, in our family, little girls and little curls are fading more into memory and I am so grateful that God gave me this precious gift and this very special girl, Kaili Georgie!

Thank heavens for little girls!
HIPP moms breed HIPP girls!  Make it a HIPP day!


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