You Decide!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Vanilla or Chocolate?
Black or White?
Lake or Ocean?
Hot or Cold?
Sweet or Spicy?
Light or Dark?
Bubbly or Flat?

What about brands?

starbucks or dunkins?
Lays or Wise?  (I prefer Utz or Wachusett)
Gap or Lands End?

C'mon now, we can go there....
McDonalds or Burger King (I know, organic farms but you've gotta have french fries sometimes

HIPP Moms are flexible but we also know what we like!  Having a preference is fine, because it allows you to make decisions and move forward!
Even thou I like most of the above:  Here are my preferences:
chocolate, white,  ocean,  hot,  Spicy, light, flat
Starbucks, Utz, Gap (and oh so many others but not all are univeral names)  And for the record:

As you are with your other HIPP mom friends, see how much or how little your taste is in common!   Hopefully the whole foods really do take the lead, they are really what feeds our souls!


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