irRASHional Day

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Occasional irrational behavior is normal for HIPP moms and today, I am having one of those days!   Yesterday afternoon I realized both boys have a rash, I am not sure what it is but since they both have it, I am concerned it is contagious.  I kept them home from camp and have an appointment this afternoon with their doctor so that we can determine what it is!  Well, it is not like we can go anywhere because if they are contagious, I don't want them in public spreading the "joy"!   It has been a LONG day at home.  I needed to work this morning so was on calls after we took our dog Brady for a long walk.  They have been fighting and not getting along (sound familiar anyone), and needless to say, really making me upset every time I hear them either being mean to each other, teasing and yelling at each other, which in return, makes me yell (I know, not so HIPP, but remember, we are real)!   I even took away television today which was DUMB because they are not settling down and are feeling frustrated with that.  I put them in a time out and then had to put myself in a time out (BREATHE)!!!!!   Oh, the joys of being a mom and being home with my kids!!!!  I would not trade it for the world and most days I am grateful for it, and today is one of those days I also admit it is hard, and our kids can test the HIPP in us!!!!

I told the kids we are going to come up with some "house rules" and ground rules on how we interact as a family.  There are so many great times, but these times when they are fighting and mean to one another just kills me.  I now understand how my mom would get so upset with us Mellor kids when we would fight, we would kill each other at home but kill for each other outside of our home!  Well, a family meeting is in our future and I will post and let you know how that goes.  

HIPP lesson:  we are real, we are not perfect but we strive to be better!  When we get mad at our kids and are "irrational" we hug them and make sure they know how much we love them!  HIPP moms always make things better!

Have a HIPP day!  And if it has not been one so far, you can change that!


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