A New Day

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

HIPP moms know the renewal in a new day.  We had a tough day yesterday, the kids could not have been more confrontational with each other and my reactions to it all were not the reactions I want to have as their mom.  At the end of the day, I told them that both dad and I were "done", it was time for bed, brush teeth and BUH BYE!  I have been loving having so much time with them this summer, overall it has been great, but lets be real, it is not 100% happiness and care free!
Yesterday is a cancelled check and I am looking forward to today.  I am up early, already read some scripture and reading that builds me up, getting some work done now and having my time before my babies are awake.  

I am going to be one step ahead this morning.  I made a huge batch of pancakes yesterday so I will warm those up in the oven, I bought a ton of fresh berries yesterday so I will serve w/fresh berries and start out with a nice breakfast before the boys go off to camp (YIPEE)!  When I pick them up at 1pm, it will give me a chance to get a work out in, work for a few hours and come up with a game plan for the afternoon.  

Okay, the key I am thinking to "a new day" is being proactive and not reactive!  I have already given thought and prayer to this and I am ready to greet the day with purpose, PEACE!

While yesterday was a challenge I did have some great moments, especially with my boys.   When they were not being mean to each other and teasing each other, they were darling, silly boys and made me laugh quite a few times.

It is HIPP to be real and real moms are the best moms.  We seek to be ourselves, we seek to improve and we seek to learn along the way!  

Wishing you a HIPP NEW DAY!!!! 


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